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Hi, I'm Ming

I'm a UX Designer based in Washington, D.C.
Coming from a 3D modeling and graphic design background, Ming made the leap into tech where she has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies and helped them transform their ideas into reality. She specializes in Digital Design Service, User Experience Design and 3D Immersive Design. She has worked on a variety of projects that range from design research, rapid prototyping, high fidelity mock-ups and XR/VR design. Ming always asks questions and seeks to understand the needs of users or user experience challenges in order to provide the best solutions
Iconic Walkway Connecting Terminals
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How to Date During A Pandemic

A solution to increase daters' chances of finding a mate during the pandemic

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Beat The Heat
During Heat Emergencies
Cool It! DC
An application aimed at reducing the incidence of hyperthermia and heat related deaths in the city
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Eco-Stylist Website

A solution to make it easier for eco-conscious shoppers to shop stylish, responsibly sourced clothing

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An Evaluation and Communications Firm specialized in organizational and program improvement by conducting innovative, utilization-focused evaluations

Inspiring Inclusion
Supporting Social Justice
Promoting Anti-Racism Culture
Coco Canary Consulting

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