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CoCo Canary Consulting is an Evaluation and Communication Firm which specializes in organizational and program improvement by conducting innovative, utilization-focused evaluations. The task is to redesign the landing page of the website.

1 Week
Individual Project
My Role
UI Designer
High Fidelity Mockups,  Prototype, Brand Guide



For this task, my goal was to take what was already there, focus on the best features and create a visually stunning landing page that was Professional, Inspired, and Trustworthy while giving users clarity on what Coco Canary Consulting had to offer.

Heuristic Evaluation

I started by looking through Coco Canary Consulting’s current landing page and wrote down areas for improvement. I then ranked these issues from most serious to least serious.

CoCo Canary Consulting Current Landing P
  1. Obscure offer. The text on the page did not clearly explain what the user will get.

  2. Ineffective hero section without a CTA button. The image in the hero section was unmemorable and missed the opportunity to draw the user’s attention.

  3. Tediously long read. The current landing page had too much text. It may be boring for users to read or look at.

  4. Poor-quality design. The chosen colors were not cohesive, and the layout looked a little outdated.

  5. Hard to find CTA buttons. Users had to scroll all the way down to the last section of the page to make an action.

Competitive Analysis

After studying Coco Canary Consulting’s landing page, I looked at the websites of other larger consulting firms that provide similar evaluation and communication services, and studied the structure and components of their landing pages.

From studying these competitors, I noticed that there were three major features missing from Coco Canary Consulting’s website.

  1. Industries Section. If the consulting firm focuses on certain industries or verticals like healthcare, education or other professional services, its landing page is focused specifically on those verticals and targets coming to it.

  2. Services Section. All the options the firm can offer should be presented in an appropriate manner. This can really speak to users’ pains, their needs and how the service really benefits them most.

  3. Testimonials Section. Simply, these are an effective means to build user trust.

With this in mind, I went back and conducted a thorough research of the Coco Canary Consulting website. I found that all information to demonstrate which industries they work on, what kinds of services they offer, and their customers’ testimonials were deeply buried in the Blog section, which is also mixed with personal and other miscellaneous information. Unlike me, users are not likely to dig deep enough to get this information, after they first fail to find it on the landing page.

Synthesized Problem

The current Coco Canary Consulting website lacks clarity on what services they offer and guidance on how to use the site.


The redesigned Coco Canary Consulting landing page will deliver Professional, Inspired, and Trustworthy messages about what Coco Canary Consulting has to offer, and help users use the website with confidence.

Brand: Professional, Inspired, Trustworthy.

Using the Goldilock’s statement of “Caring but not Overbearing”, “Professional but not Rigid”, and “Trustworthy but not boring”, I put together photos and colors to reflect those values.

To help with organizing the information in a novel manner, I started to sketch the major features that needed to be included in Coco Canary Consulting’s new landing page in order to increase clarity in understanding their services and reinforce feelings of trust in users.


Then, I moved into some more detailed sketches of how the landing page could be organized. I created the Industries, Services, and Testimonials sections by reorganizing information hidden in the blogs, and tried to present them in a creative way. From there, I started to think about details like what kind of pictures or icons I want to use to illustrate the concept, what color palette would be best used that fits the tone of the logo, and also renders all design components in a cohesive way, and what would be the design theme for the landing page.

Next, I transferred my sketch into Figma, and created a mid-fidelity wireframe.


With this initial draft I presented this concept to a group of UX Designers in Miro.


Feedback primarily centered around monotonous content, elements that seem clickable but aren’t and unmotivating button text. According to this feedback, I iterated on my design and created a high-fidelity mock-up

Coco Canary_Landing Page@Ming.jpg

Next Steps

  • User testing and user research to find out more about what users would want to see from this redesign.

  • Getting client feedback to see what they want to incorporate.

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