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A bit more about me

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Coming from Architecture, I evolved from designing spaces to designing interfaces with empathy.


When I was a kid, I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with my grandma, who was always encouraging us to help and take care of those around us, and always, always give, despite how little our family had. Helping others is something as normal and familiar as it was for me growing up. During the process, I learned about the difficulties people face, as well as uncovering their needs and desires in order to explain their behaviours, and also tried to understand their environment, and their roles in and interaction with their environment.

These experiences help me develop the best possible understanding of users' needs, and the problems underlie the development of the product or service I'm aiming to design. As an architect, I always asked myself what they feel when they are in the space, how the space meets users' expectations, and why they want to spend time in the space. Now as a UX designer, the What-How-Why framework prompts me to seek for the human-centered solution in any part of life.


I'm passionate about Design, Coffee and Jogging.

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